Myriad Music Study Bubble

Assisting parents with student needs during school closures

Students Grades 2 – 8

Providing a quiet and structured environment for learning pods, Monday ~ Friday.

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Learning time with friends nearby make this unprecedented time easier for our children. 

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You and your cohort friends may reserve one of our larger classrooms, altogether, with live proctor, close by to assist you.

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Choose the consistent Study Bubble Pod days that are right for your family.

Study Bubble

Myriad’s Study Bubble is assisting parents with student needs during school closures with pandemic learning pods. We are providing a safe and structured environment where students can accomplish their online education, while incorporating outdoor break times. Visit Myriad’s COVID-19 Safety Measures page to learn more.

Myriad’s Study Bubble is open to 2nd to 8th grade students. We are providing a quiet and structured environment for learning for you and your cohort, Monday ~ Friday, from 8:10 am – 12:40 pm. Choose the Study Bubble Pod below that is right for your family.

Reserve your spot today as space is limited! Your registration holds your spot in Myriad’s Study Bubble. This Program will commence after Labor Day on September 8th. After September 8th, enrollment is on-going, provided our weekday pods are not full, with the approval of San Mateo’s Directives.
We will continue to post updates here as we approach this date. 

View Covid Safety Measures


Limited Spots Availble

More About Our Study Bubble

Transcending traditional solutions by forging a path towards a third option

The New Normal

Due to the pandemic and need to close schools and offer remote and / or hybrid learning during the 2020-2021 School Year, we recognize that students need a safe place to learn, and grow, while getting some important social interaction and much needed arts and music instruction. Since our classrooms and large instruction rooms are empty during the school day, we have decided to offer an additional option for our families and students. We are excited to open up the Study Bubble at San Mateo’s Myriad Music School and Dance Academy!

According to Stephen R Covey, it’s possible to “transcend traditional solutions by forging a path towards a third option. A third alternative moves beyond this way or that way to a higher and better way – a far better place than either had imagined.”

Our study bubble, also nicknamed a pandemic pod,  is a third option, and a way we can support local schools by keeping enrollments in the local districts. It’s also a way we can support parents who may be looking for more help and socialization than  may be available at home.

The Details

Students in grades 2-8 are invited to join our small Study Bubble pods. We are providing a quiet and structured environment for learning, Monday ~ Friday, from 8:10am – 12:40pm. Students will be given their own table and chair in their own classroom, with a medical-grade air purifier, doors open while physically distanced. Our Study guides will be there to help students navigate online learning from their public school. Students will need to bring their own device for virtual learning, headphones with microphones, and some basic school supplies. We will provide access to our printer and recently upgraded high speed internet.

Adding a virtual music or dance lesson at the end of Study Bubble Hours

Students are already in place in our music classrooms and have a dance studio at their fingertips, just down the hall. Our Study Bubble goers may wish to add on a virtual music or dance lesson, at the end of their Study Bubble day, or during a scheduled school break. Let us know and we’ll coordinate a teacher for you, that matches your schedule, so you can have your lesson right here at Myriad!

Schedule Options

Choose the Study Bubble Pod that is right for you and your cohort.  Each day is 8:10 – 12:40 noon. We are enrolling a consistent pod of children who will come on the same designated days each week.
We can only accommodate 16 students per pod. We willl reserve our larger classrooms for a cohort.   

Because we have 13 classrooms, the 16 students in the building are never together in the same room at the same time. Students in actual proximity to each other are only in groups of 4 inside and 6 outside.

Staggered morning break times will be coordinated with each student, when they are not actively engaged in a virtual class. We have a safe, outdoor space for students to enjoy break time, breath some fresh air, and eat their home-provided snacks.

We are seeking to enroll consistent pods of students on consisent weekdays.    
Each Weekday schedule is 8:10am – 12:40pm. Choose your preferred weekdays in the form below.
Weekdays are calculated acording to the San Mateo – Foster City School District Calendar.

2 Study Bubble weekdays, receive a 5% discount
3 Study Bubble weekdays, receive a 10% discount

4 Study Bubble weekdays, receive a 12% discount
5 Study Bubble weekdays, receive a 15% discount

Monthly tution based on an hourly rate of $19
Study Bubble Mondays: $232        
Study Bubble Tuesdays: $292       
Study Bubble Wednesdays: $283 
Study Bubble Thursdays: $292 
Study Bubble Fridays: $292

Adding a Music or Dance Lesson after your Study Bubble hours
Let us know and we’ll coordinate a teacher for you, that matches your schedule, so you can have your lesson right here at Myriad!


Limited Spots Available

Myriad’s Study Bubble offers consistent learning time with friends nearby.

Consistent learning time with friends nearby make this unprecedented time easier for our children. We have a wide array of pandemic learning pods as we have 2 large in instruction rooms that can accommodate 4 friends each, and another room that can accommodate 2 friends. Each child has their own station, which is physically distanced.

Our 9 private classrooms, and 2 large instruction rooms provide adequate physical distancing and are equipped with desks and wifi. We can accommodate only 16 students per pod. Supervision will be provided by experienced teachers, credentialed teachers or college students who are in the process of completing their credential program.

Our learning pod leaders are providing guidance, supervision, and assistance with organization and general questions students may have. We are not providing tutoring services, as the students have their Zoom classes and curriculum guidelines from their teachers. We are helping your children stay focused and engaged during their morning class / study time, in an environment conducive to learning. This is a space your children will look forward to coming to each morning.

Study Bubble
Safety Measures

• Medical Grade Air Purifiers are on in all classrooms and lobbies.

• Medical grade Air Purifiers “MedifyX” on in classrooms and lobbies at all times. Doctor & Dentist Recommended/ HEPA H13 Filter captures 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns (COVID 19 is 0.12 microns). Filter lasts up to 3000 hours

• Thorough sanitation for all surfaces / writing implements / instruments / chairs / barres, dance floor, etc with CDC approved disinfectants is completed between lessons & classes

• Disinfectant foggers with non-toxic Hypochlorous Acid [HOCl] are used between each class. HOCl is 100 times stronger than bleach yet non-toxic to students and teachers. PPE is not required during application. The 3 big airlines are fogging their planes to make them safe for travel. The dental industry is using HOCl to make their practice safe for patients. Fogging is a process that includes spraying an electrically-charged and safe-to-breath disinfectant on all interior surfaces to ensure germs and viruses are eradicated. HOCl safety has been proven safe in hospitals and in food processing to keep fresh produce clean and germ free. “HOCl destroys viruses by chlorination by forming chloramines and nitrogen-centered radicals, resulting in single- as well as double-stranded DNA breaks, rendering the nucleic acid useless and the virus harmless.”  Read More

• Students safely physically distanced at all times. When teacher and student are working together, masks are on

View Covid Safety Measures

Limited Spots Available

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